IML Decoration

What is it?

The IML process is extremely accurate and requires the intervention of experienced craftsmen. First a preprinted polypropylene (PP) label is placed in the mould, just before it is closed during the injection moulding process. When the mould is filled with molten PP, the label literally fuses with the packaging material. The end result is a printed packaging ready to be stacked. Everything happens in one step.

Maximum print quality

This technique ensures high-resolution photo quality images in a maximum of six colours. You can decorate all the sides of a container with one single label. Small fonts do not become blurred.

Strong and hygienic

In mould labels resist humidity and large changes in temperature: the best solution to decorate plastic containers for frozen and refrigerated products! In mould labels are also scratch resistant, cannot crack and are not susceptible to wrinkles.

Distinctive Design Helps Customer Choose Your Product.

Marketers know it all too well: consumers choose with their eyes. Functional and attractive packaging is extremely important. Distinctive packaging stands out because of beautiful and stylish details. In mould labels meet and exceed these requirements.


In mould labelling saves the environment: the packaging and the label consist of the same material and can therefore be fully recycled.